Daniel Rose

[email protected] – https://www.danielr.xyz/


technical skills

1.1 Workflow

Using Emacs, vim/nvim, tmux/dwm, and IDEs when appropriate to work efficiently and well. Use of network tools such as ssh, docker, docker-compose, and kubernetes to manage home lab and work environments. Jupyter Lab for use with Julia and Python to complete Linear Algebra and Machine Learning tasks.

1.2 Languages

1.2.1 Programming

Rust, Python, JVM (Kotlin, Java, Scala), Julia, PHP

1.2.2 Markup


1.2.3 Human Languages

English: Native, Russian: Native, German: A2, Chinese: A1

1.3 Media

1.3.1 Gimp and Photoshop

Using Gimp and Photoshop to make high quality placeholders and mockups for projects.

1.3.2 Logic Pro, Ableton, and Audacity

Used to arrange and compose music, as well as edit existing audio or voice tracks.

soft skills


3.0.1 Garden Spot High School, August 2018 - Current

AP Credits in Calculus I & II, Mechanical Physics, Statistics, World History, Computer Science, Biology, US Politics, Art History.

work experience

4.0.1 Freelance Software Engineer - Python, White Hat Cat, February 2020 - December 2020

Created Discord Bots using new and innovative concepts, incorporating TensorFlow, Pandas, Web APIs and complex PostgreSQL databases.

4.0.2 Software Engineer - PHP, Ruben Engineering, March 2020 - Current

Created the database interface, blog, and web store in PHP, Laravel, and Vue.js.

4.0.3 Apprentice Satellite Engineer, Mini-Cubes, October 2020 - Current

Responsible for PCB design, Linux development, signals and 3D modeling. Embedded software development and robotics in Rust.


5.1 Boy Scouts

Boy Scout for many years, with Eagle project in progress. Helping the community with clean ups, Scouting for Food, activities for holidays, and more.

5.2 Public Library

5+ years assisting the town library with arranging public events.